Jim Larkin

jim-larkin 2I am a Kabbalah Teacher, Ritual Leader and Interfaith Minister. It is in teaching, leading rituals and serving as an Interfaith Minister that I feel I am fulfilling my life purpose.

In the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, I’ve found a road map through which I can understand my own personal development and my relationship with the Divine.

It is also the foundation upon which I can help others to find within themselves the capability of tapping into their own personal truth as they strive to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Through personal and communal ritual I have gone to the depth of my being and discovered hidden parts of myself yearning to come to the surface. I now assist others in making similar discoveries as I lead them, with Megan, through rituals designed to provide unique self-discovery and the means to find empowerment to live their truth.

Through Interfaith Ministry I have the platform to speak of things that I believe are universally applicable for self-discovery and which are a means of establishing relationship with the Divine regardless of the tradition followed by those listening.

Through years of leadership in the church and participation in the men’s movement, I am aware that the underlying archetype that informs how I carry out the roles of teacher, ritual leader and Interfaith Minister is that of the Priest. In this capacity I teach, assist others in their personal and spiritual development and create sacred space for healing and connecting with the Divine.

In late 2009 Megan and I became the Co-Provosts of The Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministries (ChI) in Berkeley, CA. Megan and I were both ordained as Interfaith Ministers by ChI and have enjoyed working with and training new Interfaith Ministers and Chaplains at ChI for 10 years.


  • BA San Jose State University
  • MDiv Masters of Divinity
  • PhD Comparative Religions (pending)
  • Ordained Interfaith Minister

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