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About Tree of Life Teachings

Welcome to Tree Of Life Teachings

Our mission is to promote psychological health and spiritual well-being and to empower people to live with Passion, Heart and Purpose.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to creating transformational and healing experiences for individuals, couples, families and groups through a variety of services:

TrainingsHolistic Therapy, Kabbalah Studies,

Sacred Travel, Transformational Products, Sacred Robes

We hope to share with you our vision for holistic living and conscious relationships, a perspective we have gained through many years of deep personal work, 33 years of marriage and through our professional work with individuals, spiritual communities and ritual experts from a variety of cultures.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a  powerful healing tool from the wisdom tradition of Kabbalah. It is a universal road map of inner development that can be used by any seeker from any tradition or background. The Tree of Life is said to live within each person with the roots, trunk and branches corresponding to body, soul and spirit and our journey of physical, emotional and spiritual awakening. For more, see the Tree of Life section.

Our Commitment

We will:

  • Equip you with tools for conscious living
  • Empower you to live with passion, heart and purpose
  • Encourage your spiritual awakening

We hope you enjoy exploring our site!  Blessings.

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