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Find your Spiritual Path

Find your Spiritual Path

It is very important to search for a spiritual path that is right for you, because the support of a great spiritual path or mystical teaching can help you:

  1. successfully find your purpose
  2. free your creative spirit

There are many paths that teach universal spiritual principles and can support your awakening consciousness. When seeking a spiritual path, we suggest finding a path that offers practical knowledge, a path that has been tried and tested through time with followers that you respect.

It’s also good to focus on a “living tradition” – a spiritual path that has a dynamic connection with Spirit that can bring you rejuvenation and renewal. When you identify the right path, then you can commit to that path of higher wisdom with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

Many people find it difficult to commit themselves to a spiritual path – they dabble in different paths, moving from one to the next. Then, when they reach a critical point in their development, they stop the transformation process and go to the next new teaching or guru.

This is different from the person who truly searches – perhaps trying several different paths to see which suits them. It is also different from the person who truly commits heart and soul for a period of time to a physical path of yoga, for example, but who then feels called to develop further on a more devotional path. The advantage of committing for a long period of time to one path is that it gives you an opportunity to face your psychological resistances to spiritual transformation. It requires commitment from and to your higher self, your Spirit.

Are there different paths? YES!

  1. Some people access Spirit through a physical path like yoga or Tai Chi.
  2. Others access Spirit through the mind or by choosing contemplative or metaphysical paths.
  3. Others find engaging their mind a distraction, and they need a path of meditation that quiets the mind.
  4. Others are attracted to earth-based spirituality and follow seasonal Pagan celebrations or various Native American paths.
  5. Some seekers are people of the heart and seek a devotional path to Spirit. Some need a path of solitude offered by the monastic traditions.

Whatever path you find, commit to it until you no longer feel fed and nourished by it. We guarantee it will transform you if you stay with the program!

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