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Getting a Higher Perspective

Getting a Higher Perspective

There’s nothing like flying in an airplane to get a higher perspective on your life! Well, how about flying up into space?

When I imagine flying high above the earth and getting the perspective of an astronaut, suddenly all my petty concerns and worries fall away. It’s the quickest way I know to shift out of my ego perspective and up into my spirit.

As a spiritual teacher I am often encouraging my students to:

1) take a broader view

2) stand back

3) climb up into the branches of the Tree

4) shift to a higher state of consciousness

5) see the whole problem, not just what’s in front of you

In the language of the Tree of Life, you get a higher view by rising up your roots, climbing the trunk and then climbing up into the branches of your Tree. This easily shifts your focus of consciousness from egocentric “me” concerns to spiritual “we” concerns. Suddenly you can see your problem in a larger context and you have access to more possible solutions.

This is a radical paradigm shift and takes a bit of practice. I like to use my imagination to help me get there. I either climb up a large tree in my mind’s eye and look around or I take a trip into space and get a huge overview of whatever I am contemplating.

I find I have better and clearer access to my spiritual or higher self. I can more easily understand my purpose and how my gifts fit into a much bigger plan. It’s not just about me or my life, it’s about others, it’s about everyone living on this beautiful planet.

When I have a higher perspective of my life I am much more willing to let go of things that no longer serve my spirit and my higher mission. As I awaken spiritually and climb into my branches, I become part of the greater collective family, fulfilling my human destiny to be a steward of creation and to be involved in the evolution of humankind.

So on the one hand, you need to make personal sacrifices – like giving up personal desires, surrendering control, letting go of behaviors, patterns, relationships, careers, possessions or ego attachments that do not serve your own spirit or the universal Spirit.

I also gain wisdom, understanding and knowledge. I find meaning, deep satisfaction, contentment and ecstatic joy.

What is challenging you at the moment? Take a higher perspective right now. Imagine being in space and looking down on your challenge or problem. Experience how powerful this can be.

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