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Why is Self-Compassion so Hard?

Why is Self-Compassion so Hard?

This article is part of a small series on the Chalice of your Soul. This article focuses on the King/Queen archetype and shows how your King offers self-compassion and love to fill up your soul so you always feel satisfied and full!

But as you know, self-compassion can be really hard to do!

Why is it so difficult to love ourselves profoundly and to have compassion for ourselves?

One reason is because we are trained in our western culture to feel judgment and criticism instead of compassion. Or the compassion we feel is for other people and not for ourselves.

Another reason self-compassion is difficult is because we feel we don’t deserve it. We don’t deserve to have all that beautiful love flowing towards us. We would rather unleash self-criticism and self-recrimination because somehow we believe we deserve that instead.

Without self-compassion, our soul shrivels up and dies. Self love and self-compassion pour the juices of your soul back into the chalice so that you feel full to the brim with love and happiness inside

One way to activate your self-compassion is to activate your inner King or Queen. In previous articles we have looked at this soul diagram to see the 3 main archetypes that make up the soul.


The King or Queen within us is always looking out for our best interests. Our king is generous with his love and compassion and will give it freely when called upon. Often the King has been instructed (by ourselves) to pour that love and compassion out into the world.


Your King’s job is to pour that love and compassion into yourself first so that you fill up that chalice! Only when it is full and overflowing should we be giving compassion out to the world.


This is a radical idea and one worth thinking about.

Most of the time our King is turned outward. We have trained our king to NOT give ourselves the empathy we need to thrive and love ourselves profoundly. This training comes from our culture, our family, our education and our spiritual teachings. It is all around us. “It is better to give than to receive.”

Well, not in this case. In terms of the health of your soul, it is better to give to the self first and then to others.

Please consider this truth and awaken your inner King or Queen. Unleash a river of self-compassion that will supply your heart and soul with the love you need to manifest your dreams.

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