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How to find the Holy Grail

How to find the Holy Grail

What is the Holy Grail? Is it a real object or a mythological dream?

Mystics throughout the ages have always pointed us in the right direction. Contrary to popular myth that the Grail is an object existing in the outer world, the Grail is really a “magical” object found within the human heart!

  • How do we get to this beautiful grail then?
  • How do we access it in our own heart?
  • And what treasures will it reveal when we do find our own Holy Grail?

We do know from myths and stories that the Grail will bring us riches and wealth beyond our wildest dreams.

From a mystical perspective, when we discover our inner Grail in our wide open heart, we will be able to manifest our inner wealth into outer wealth and abundance.

This means on a practical level that when you authentically live your heart’s truth, your chalice will become like a shiny golden goblet, beaming out like a beacon of light. Your Grail will attract the right people and circumstances into your life and it will become for you a magical talisman of goodness and synchronicity. Let’s find out how to do this!

1) The first thing you need to do on your Grail quest is commit yourself to your own path of truth.

2) The second thing you can do is connect to your heartfelt desires and deep passions

3) The third thing you can do is search for your true purpose in life – this is the heart of the Grail quest!

4) The fourth thing you can do is live your true self each day with integrity and honesty, centered on the heart and will.

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Following these four Grail steps sets you on a path to engage in an alchemy of the heart, so you can passionately live your truth. When you awaken the soul and become conscious of your true Self, your true humanity, your soul moves through a series of alchemical “purifications”.

WHY?  So that your heart can open and be transformed into the beautiful chalice of your soul.

The chalice of your is your Holy Grail, the beautiful goblet of the true Self that receives the breath of Spirit and the spark of divine fire that sets it alight.

In the Christian tradition, Mary, the mother of the Christ, is a good example of what the awakened soul looks and feels like. She represents the purified soul in a state of openness, ready to receive the spiritual impulse. Mother Mary built her internal soul vessel or chalice into a Holy Grail that was ready, worthy, and prepared spiritually to birth the Christ.

When your own soul is purified and in a state of openness, you too can birth the Christ consciousness within yourself and begin to manifest your individual purpose.

When your true Self is born in the stable of your open heart, this newborn consciousness is free of ego identification and is open to the impulses of Spirit.

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