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3 Ways to Focus Your Will

3 Ways to Focus Your Will

This article is part of a small series on the Chalice of your Soul. This article focuses on the Warrior/Warrioress archetype and shows how your Warrior helps to accomplish your heart’s true desire by focusing your will.

Let’s review the Hero. The Hero holds your deep inner truth. Your Hero claims authorship of your own life and establishes your inner kingdom. The Hero archetype occupies the base of your soul chalice and is located in your heart. (see diagram below)

Your inner Warrior is activated when you feel your strong conviction for whatever your truth is. Your inner Warrior can hold steadfastly to your truth by focusing your will towards your goal.

Soul Triad-3


To demonstrate how to focus your will, think of something you want to do for yourself. Feel it passionately. Feel it in your heart. Allow your Hero to own it and feel this desire right in the center of your heart.

OK, here is where the Warrior comes in.

Once you decide a course of action there are 3 ways to focus your will:

1) Imagine your inner Warrior and feel his or her strength. Imagine him consolidating his power and standing still. He is taking a stand for your truth. Standing your ground focuses your will so that you do not move off your position.

2) Imagine your Warrior setting appropriate boundaries around what you want. For example, I want to take a course to further my interest in….. My Warrior sets boundaries when people attempt to dissuade me. Your Warrior says, “thanks for the advise, but I really feel this will good for me.” Your Warrior sets the healthy boundary, focuses your will and holds it steady.

3) The Warrior then uses his discipline to follow through with the plan. Discipline is the hallmark of a well-trained Warrior. Discipline focuses energy and power towards a specific task. Discipline focuses your will into a particular event and behavior, helping you accomplish your goal.

Your Warrior will help you in many ways to accomplish your goals and keep you on track with your dreams and desires. Spend some time getting to know your Warrior!

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